Enfield signs innovative deal with Agilisys to collect council tax arrears

Enfield Council has signed an innovative new agreement with IT transformation partner Agilisys to collect historic council tax debt which has previously been considered as un-collectable.

Enfield Council already collects 98% of all council tax and is in the top ten performing boroughs for tax collection.  It has now appointed Agilisys Revenue Collection as part of a pilot project to target historic debt.

The innovative new agreement with Agilisys Revenue Collection will see historic council tax debts, which have previously been returned to the Council by debt enforcement companies as un-collectable, targeted. Agilisys will be paid by result and will earn a proportion of income collected.

If there is no collection, no fees will be payable.  Agilisys will undertake all the recovery work but, unlike if the council sold the debt, under this scheme the council will still maintain control of the collection process and can stop further action such as prosecutions if necessary.

Councillor Andrew Stafford, Cabinet Member for Finance said: “Enfield Council is proud of the fact that we are one of the best performing boroughs when it comes to council tax collection, and that 98% of all debt is collected successfully. However just like all other local authorities across the country, we are facing a difficult time financially, and it is important that we leave no stone unturned in chasing the debts owed to the council. 

“Although we collect more than 98% of all council tax we are always striving to recoup every penny owed to us, so we can use the money to maintain and protect the vital front line services our residents rely on. Agilisys are an established company who will use fair recovery methods and who will be closely monitored by the council.”

Agilisys Products Director Nigel Muirhead welcomed the partnership with Enfield saying “We are delighted that Enfield have contracted with us for our Agilisys Revenue Collection (ARC) platform. Given the challenges local authorities continue to face with ever reducing budgets it is important they are exploring all options to not only reduce cost but to increase revenue as well.

“As such ARC is a low risk solution that delivers increased collection capability and resource capacity which leads to increased revenue for the council. This coupled with our other products such as Agilisys Digital, Automate & Engage, are truly creating an environment for LA’s to transform their approach in a way we think hasn’t been possible before.”

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