Cloud sharing tech introduced to UK colleges under new government plans

A new report, Technology in Education: A System View, by The Education Foundation think tank, has highlighted broadband access, cloud adoption and greater inspectorate body support as key drivers for teaching technology innovation.

The findings coincided with the announcement of a government initiative to develop digital leaders in UK colleges. The government also has plans to introduce a £5 million fund to upgrade the broadband network in colleges in 2014 to 2015, allowing them to introduce ‘cloud’ sharing technologies.

Skills Minister Matthew Hancock MP said: “This report is an important contribution to the debate and it highlights a number of important issues. These include the need to help teachers apply their existing teaching skills to the new world, the need for strong school leadership and in supporting schools to invest in a solution that works best for them.

“These challenges are not insurmountable and many schools are already active in sharing solutions. Whether it is by innovative use of computers and tablets to enable students to interact with students across the world, embracing 3D printers or developing apps that they can use on their own devices, many of our schools are world leaders. A large part of the challenge for government and others in the sector lies in helping these innovators to share their knowledge and experience with their peers.”

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