GOSS to expand public sector self-service solutions

A new self-service portal developed by GOSS Interactive to help local authorities accelerate channel shift services will be launched on 10th July at the Socitm Building Perfect Council Websites 2014 event in Birmingham.

Designed specifically for the public sector, the GOSS Forms & Process Platform is a mobile-friendly service comprising a range of innovative tools to help local authorities deliver improved services, channel shift and cost savings by bringing together Forms, Business Process Mapping, Integration and Analytics.

Built from the ground up to accelerate channel shift services, the GOSS Forms & Process Platform offers public sector organisations including councils, central government and hospitals, blue light organisations and housing associations the opportunity to engage more citizens online with its mobile-focused, easy-to-use services.

Rob McCarthy, CEO at GOSS Interactive said: “Creating effective user-centred design is the key to channel shift success and the GOSS Forms & Process Platform was built with the end-user in mind.

“Many councils across the UK have already adopted a channel shift initiative but are failing to realise its full benefits, so it’s important to ensure online services are intuitive and offer a good user experience. We’ve developed a range of self-service solutions optimised for even the least technically-savvy – so intuitive that my Granny could use them with ease.

“By utilising the GOSS Forms & Process Platform, local authorities have the opportunity to optimise and accelerate channel shift initiatives, increasing the volume of online self-service enquiries and saving substantial amounts on call handling costs.” 

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