MDS Technologies completes G-Cloud offering with secure remote access

MDS Technologies has teamed up with Becrypt to supply a secure remote access platform via its G-Cloud 5 CloudStore. Becrypt’s tVolution can be installed on a wide range of devices including laptops, tablets and USB sticks and offers a flexible and cost effective way to deliver secure connections to the Public Services Network (PSN) for staff working remotely.

The joint solution has been delivered in response to specific requirements from MDS’ customers and partners, and is a prime example of agile SMEs working together to harness the G-Cloud to deliver services that meet the evolving needs of government and public sector organisations.

Karen Young, General Manager at MDS Technologies commented; “We recognised a gap in our G-Cloud product portfolio for providing secure remote access to our customers using our hosting and cloud services. Becrypt’s low cost tVolution secure operating system will provide fully managed remote access for our customers, in particular for application vendors, and is the only product currently available that fits our requirements. We are keen to promote Becrypt’s products as we know they are good quality and have an excellent track record for providing secure and innovative solutions, and delivering them via the trusted G-Cloud framework makes the procurement process extremely quick and simple for our customers.”

The Cabinet Office has stated its target for 25% to be spent with SMEs by March 2015. The cumulative spend through G-Cloud with SME companies over the program’s first two years reached £92 million in March. That compares to just £62 million placed with large enterprises.

tVolution provides secure, fully managed access to the corporate network, rather than using plug in devices or ‘secure bubbles’ on unmanaged machines and provides a good user experience that aids productivity.

Designed with the end-user in mind, tVolution provides a clean, customisable user interface that contains only the business applications required by the customer. tVolution is suitable for use by security conscious organisations across all industry sectors that need to provide mobile workers with a highly portable secure end point. Its low cost makes it particularly suitable for public sector organisations looking to provide staff with a low cost computer based on lower spec or repurposed equipment as an alternative to a fully-loaded laptop.

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