hfx helps organisation meet government’s flexible working legislation

hfx, a  provider of flexible working systems has announced that Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board (VJB) has chosen its employee time management system to manage flexible working  time and security access. Renfrewshire VJB’s working policies and adoption of the hfx system enables the organisation to meet the government’s new flexible working legislation, introduced in June 2014.
hfx’s system enables the organisation to support flexible working practices and provides the management team with accurate individual staff data, including business absence, sickness days, training and holidays for planning.  The system is essential for managing a wide variety of work patterns, enabling the organisation to support a more diverse workforce.
As well as to record timekeeping, the organisation uses the staff entry card to control access to the building, to meet the organisation’s Public Sector Network (PSN) requirements to monitor access to secure areas and data. It has introduced a clear desk policy and all work files are now locked away in a secure room with swipe card access that is logged. The cards, which will incorporate photo ID, are required to be worn on display at all times.
“The system supplied by hfx gives us a fantastic management tool for security and flexible working. It has enabled us to implement the new working rules seamlessly, is easy for staff to use and has given us the opportunity to retain experienced staff with new working policies such as flexible retirement.” says Alasdair MacTaggart, Assessor at Renfrewshire VJB. 

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