Education programme launched to combat online piracy

The government has welcomed a new industry scheme, Creative Content UK, which will promote legal entertainment online and warn internet users whose connections are being used to illegally share films and music.

Business Secretary Vince Cable and Culture Secretary Sajid Javid revealed the UK’s creative industries and internet service providers (ISPs) have agreed the joint scheme. This will aim to raise awareness of copyright by informing those whose internet connections have been used to illegally share copyright material and help them find compelling, legal alternatives.

The cabinet ministers also revealed the scheme would be supported by a joint creative industry and government 3-year education campaign towards which the government is contributing £3.5 million.

The campaign will help to reduce online copyright infringement, raise awareness of the benefits that copyright brings and promote the use of legal digital content.

This new initiative follows a similar partnership between the movie and music industries and ISPs in the United States. The Center for Copyright Information was established to help direct consumers to the growing array of legitimate online creative content and send out alerts to ISP subscriber accounts that have been used to illegally share films and music.

Speaking at the Spotify offices in London, Vince Cable and Sajid Javid outlined the importance of tackling infringement and intellectual property crime and working together with businesses to crack down on online piracy which is estimated to cost the global music industry alone more than £7 billion.

The creative industries sector contributes £71.4 billion towards the UK economy and is estimated to support around 1.68 million jobs.

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