Innovation and investment in technology key to NHS improvement

Innovation and investment in technology are key for the future of healthcare, according to this years’ Birmingham Science City ‘ideasforlife’ CTO Group meeting.

The meeting of technology officers welcomed more than 25 CTOs from across the West Midland’s to SCC – a European technology firm.

Horizon 2020, a European-wide £80bn investment in increased innovation, was welcomed as a key catalyst in an industry-Government axis across all areas in the UK.

Bethan Bishop, Head of Innovation at Heart of England Healthcare Trust, delivered the key address alongside Mental Health Consultant George Tadros.

Bishop, who has spent 15 years putting links between the NHS and the industry, predicted continued rapid change in the public sector as it tries to keep up with the pace of technology.

She said: “The expectation is increasingly that we will do more for less, and it’s important that we carry out evaluation and view partnerships as important.

“Regardless of the need to innovate, society demands that technology moves on and service is improved on a par with personal technology.

“We may have experienced hardship in terms of budget and under-performance, but innovation and technology will help, within the right business model.”

Tadro stressed how long-term plans to improve patient provision were to combat illnesses such as dementia.

“We can’t continue to spend the amount we are on finding a solution by 2025. The solution needs to come sooner and we need to fully understand the requirements of dementia patients to enable an optimised standard of home living,” he said.

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