3 councils use Jadu Digital Services Platform

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Jadu, a UK-based digital services company, has won a contract with EK Services (the East Kent Shared Services partnership) to deliver a transactional platform for online forms and integrated digital services.  The EK Services partnership was set up by Canterbury City Council, Dover District Council and Thanet District Council to drive fast-track, large-scale cost efficiencies and ensure resilient local services in East Kent.

The new service aims to replace three CRM systems, which each council currently maintains and licenses individually and is set to save the councils significantly in both licensing and management costs for the legacy CRM systems.

Donna Reed, Director of Shared Services for the EK Services Partnership said: “In times of budget challenges, but wanting to improve services to our customers, we need a more agile and modern way to deliver digital services that focus on ease of use. We decided that implementing a platform that was secure, scalable and designed for delivering services to all devices was what we needed. We are moving from old customer management systems and making the leap into modern digital services with Jadu as our partner.”

The project will use the Jadu XFP ‘Universe Forms’ platform to deliver online forms, e-payments and integrated digital services to any device. Jadu recently used the same technology to deliver the Employment Tribunal Fee Payment system for the Ministry of Justice – one of the Government’s 25 exemplar services.

EK Services will be digitising over 200 existing forms and services including Revenues and Benefits, Housing and Council Tax for new digital services as well as delivering e-payments and integration with back office systems using the Jadu platform in the iterative, phased delivery of the new system.


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