‘Healthy app’ event to stimulate innovation

A workshop designed to stimulate innovation and collaboration in digital healthcare recently took place in Liverpool.

The first ‘healthy app’ workshop bought together key policy makers across the NHS to emphasise how important sharing knowledge and learning is between the NHS, local government and other key stakeholders.

The event, hosted by the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network, assessed the how far apps could influence the NHS. The event also examined what is already occurring in the marketplace and how the established healthcare framework can foster the development of future healthcare apps.

Dr Liz Mear, CEO of the NWCAHSN, said: “Apps are now a part of everyday life and the event was a great way to examine how they are now incorporated into health care.

“The NHS already has a number of apps available and we were able to begin a discussion into what works and what needs to be resolved in the use of apps.“

The event was the first of two to be held across the North West, with others set to take place in Lancashire and Cumbria.

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