Outreach Mobile Data Collection being piloted by Legal Aid Agency

Toplevel has launched the Mobile Data Collection module for its Outreach case management engine, a mobile document solution for use in the field. The new module enables structured, guided data collection over any mobile device, ensuring sensitive data can be entered at any location.

In environments where connectivity is poor or non-existent, Mobile Data Collection offers an ‘always-on’ functionality, sending data securely upon reconnection to a 3G, 4G or WiFi network. Outreach Mobile Data Collection can be used to complete a variety of formal documents such as application forms, reports, audits and assessments, and is being piloted by the Legal Aid Agency, an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice, who are collecting criminal legal aid applications from solicitors. Data is collected at court, then sent to the Outreach platform for processing. Solicitors are then able to monitor and track the progress of the application via the Legal Aid portal.

Mobile Data Collection is designed for any lengthy data entry, making it suitable for form-filling tasks across various sectors. In addition to applications, the solution also lends itself to the collection of evidence making it the ideal way to record the results of on-site inspections, such as those undertaken for health and safety compliance purposes, or to obtain witness statements at the scene of a crime. Mobile Data Collection guides the user so it can also be used for self-certification processes such as annual returns, or to carry out assessments or record audits.

Outreach Mobile Data Collection can be taken standalone, enabling public sector organisations to benefit from a purely mobilised data entry solution, or in concert with the complete Outreach suite, to enhance existing processing functionality by extending the reach of the organisation to any location.

According to Jane Roberts,Toplevel’s Strategy Director, “Demand for mobilised data capture has increased but the solutions needed to meet demand have not kept pace. Solutions are piecemeal and have been predominantly mobile applications, offering limited data entry, scalability and high associated management costs. In contrast, Outreach Mobile Data Collection is a versatile documentation solution based upon a tried and tested processing platform.”

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