Bassetlaw District Council plans a new ‘digital by default’ website

Bassetlaw District Council in North Nottinghamshire is to launch a brand new ‘Digital by Default’ website, built in partnership with IT services and solutions provider Meritec.

The new website will provide easy access to Council Services and will offer customers and residents the same quality user experience as online shopping, banking or renewing their car tax. Bassetlaw District Council will look to offer digital services that are so straightforward and convenient that all those who can use them will choose to do so whilst those who can’t will not be excluded.

From September 2014, Bassetlaw residents will be able to use their smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs to carry out a number of tasks completely online, more simply and much quicker than before, including benefit applications, booking an MOT, reporting a missed bin and more.


A sneak peak at what the website will look like on mobile phones

Working with Meritec, the Digital by Default approach has allowed  the Council to look at redesigning our services, that would otherwise have to be commissioned in-person, by telephone, by official form, letter or email, and making that service so that it is delivered in the same way as people are used to working with their favourite providers online.

One of the key features of the Council’s new website will be the introduction of the ‘Bassetlaw Button.’ These large user friendly buttons are designed for use on touch screen devices and aim to simplify navigation around the site.

Andrew Brammall, Strategic ICT Manager at Bassetlaw District Council said:

“We chose to work with Meritec on the build of our new website because we felt they fully shared our vision for a simplified, automated Digital by Default site. With more and more residents using their smart phones to go online, we have to keep pace with how people want to access services.”

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