Centre for Defence Enterprise to hold webinar

The Centre for Defence Enterprise is holding a webinar about its research funding competition where interested parties will be given a summary of the challenges and have the opportunity to submit questions to the technical experts leading the themed Automating Cyber Defence Responses competition.

CDE is looking for proof-of-concept research proposals for tools and techniques that support the planning and carrying out of responses to threats to our systems.

Solutions must:

  • consider both permanent infrastructure and deployed systems
  • consider different responses, including allowing for human intervention
  • identify defensive actions, processes and tactics to allow decisions to be made
  • offer a significant improvement over the capability of current products and technologies

Successful bids will identify and justify where automation offers improvements in cyber defence, while recognising that the user may wish to revert to human decision making. Solutions must contribute to understanding what is happening and demonstrate how an appropriate course of action / cyber defence response has been selected.

This CDE themed competition will close on Thursday 23 October 2014 at 5pm.

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