Drones could be future of local government workplace, employees believe

According to a survey, more than half of public sector employees believe that within the next 20 years their employers will have made the following innovations readily available to them:

  • Augmented reality (70 per cent)
  • Desk-based robots (62 per cent)
  • Drones (62 per cent)
  • Carrier nodes (56 per cent)

More than half of respondents said that establishing a tech evolved workplace will give them better access to the information they need to do their jobs (59 per cent), while 55 per cent say it will help them to complete tasks faster, and 51 per cent agree it will help to improve employee collaboration.

The research was commissioned by Ricoh and conducted by Coleman Parkes.

Phil Keoghan, CEO, Ricoh UK said: “This survey has underlined not only the enthusiasm public sector workers have for workplace technologies, but also their desire to find ways to improve citizen services.  As well as l finding out what employees think their future workplace will be like, we looked into the issues that will slow the adoption process down.  These include the need to better digitize business critical processes, and review how employees access information.”

The research shows that apart from cost (56 per cent) and security (46 per cent), government regulations (43 per cent) are perceived as greatest hindrance to embracing new technologies. In addition more than one in four cited:

  • Employee resistance (33 per cent)
  • Reluctance to adopt new ways of working/internal processes (27 per cent)
  • Ability to connect with legacy technology systems (27 per cent).

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