Public sector still unaware of G-Cloud framework

The majority of UK civil servants are unaware of the government’s G-Cloud initiative, according to a new survey.

Commissioned by Six Degrees Group (6DG), the survey found that 66% of public sector professionals are unaware of the G-Cloud scheme – prompting fears over the success of the industry-wide framework.

Now in its fifth iteration, the government seems to be failing to educate the industry of the frameworks benefits – with 75% of public sector professionals unaware of the many advantages of procuring through the service.

The survey reiterates the findings of a Freedom of Information Act conducted by 6DG at the end of 2013, which similarly revealed that the majority (76%) of local authorities and councils had no knowledge of how the G-Cloud framework could be used. In fact, of the 300 public sector authorities questioned, only 38 had used G-Cloud to procure their cloud services.

Tim Pitts, Managing Partner at Agilisys Digital, however, believes there has been an increase in awareness of the G-Cloud and its advantages over the past two years.

“The benefits to both customer and supplier of G-Cloud are huge, not only does it significantly reduces the cost of procurement / sale, provides much more competitive and transparent pricing, and enables customers to turn on and off services  as they require them, the biggest and often overlooked benefit of G-Cloud is the speed from internal decision to service delivery. At a time where the Public Sector is looking for ever-increasing efficiency opportunities, the time it takes to unlock those efficiencies is paramount and we see G-Cloud is a critical tool going forward for the public sector. 
Over the past two years we have noticed an increase in awareness of G-Cloud with our existing and prospective clients as more and more suppliers push G-Cloud as the procurement route of choice. As the efficiency challenges become more and more acute, we are also seeing a willingness to start to utilise G-Cloud ‘as it was its designed’, i.e. a catalogue with pre-existing services and prices which you can simply buy from without a protracted tendering process. As such, we expect the majority of our business to come through G-Cloud over the coming months.”

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