Top digital trends in the public sector

It’s now a truth pretty much universally acknowledged that the shift to digital channels is crucial in improving citizen services and saving costs across local and central government. Existing services, reliant on expensive, call-centred service delivery, are rapidly becoming outdated, offering both poor resolution and return on investment.

In addition, an increasingly tech-savvy population is coming to expect its interactions with government agencies to match the simple, efficient, end-to-end service delivery it experiences as customers in the private sector.

But how do you determine what the customer wants? And how do you work out how to achieve efficient, simplified, cross-channel digital customer platforms alleviate costs and provide real ROI?

A new whitepaper from digital consultancy, Matter, explores key digital trends that are already making a real difference in both local and central government, as well as looking at lessons that public sector organisations can learn from innovation in the private sector.

As Sarah Lay, senior digital officer at Nottinghamshire county council explains: “The sector needs to become more adept at recognising and implementing digital excellence that is already happening in other sectors. User-focused digital delivery should become commonplace, rather than the domain of a few leading councils.”

Drawing on case studies, expert opinion and examples of best practice, the Digital Trends in the Public Sector whitepaper provides inspiration and advice on everything from using content more strategically, to improving service delivery through the inventive use of tech and software and making decisions that are driven by data and analytics.

The guide provides an essential overview for anyone within government looking to boost channel shift activities within their organisation.

Download the full whitepaper below to find out more:

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