Bath & North East Council to invest £350,000 in superfast broadband

Bath & North East Council has agreed to invest a further £350,000 in seeking to ensure that businesses and homes across the area have access to superfast broadband.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Paul Crossley, said: “Access to superfast broadband and digital information is absolutely essential to the economic prosperity of our area; it is a key consideration for businesses when deciding on locations to expand or relocate. Superfast broadband is also vital for our rural areas both in relation to the expansion of homeworking and allowing residents access to online services and information.”

Through the Connecting Devon & Somerset (CDS) Partnership the Council is already working to improve rural broadband services. The £94m project aims to provide superfast broadband to 90% of properties across Devon, Somerset, North Somerset & B&NES by 2016.

The council is also investing £150,000 to support the implementation of the wider Digital B&NES strategy which will benefit urban centres and key business areas. This includes plans for the delivery of a wireless connectivity network to enable Wi-Fi and 3G/4G coverage in city and town centres. The council is in discussions with potential commercial providers which it is hoped can be finalised this year.

It’s also been announced this week that a broadband voucher scheme which has been running in Bristol is now being extended five miles into Bath and North East Somerset from the Bristol border.

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