Parliament recruits for digital future

Parliament has launched its recruitment campaign for the new position of Director of the Parliamentary Digital Service. Requiring excellent leadership skills, innovation, enthusiasm, and a record of delivery, this unique position promises to play a key role in transforming Parliament’s digital presence.

They will lead a new Parliamentary Digital Service and will be tasked to help develop and implement a digital strategy for Parliament that will put users first, making the best use of modern technology to strengthen the UK’s key democratic institution, while enabling citizens to access their Parliament in new and meaningful ways.

Following the publication of the strategic Review of Parliament’s Online Services, the House of Commons and House of Lords Management Boards agreed the two main recommendations in the review, to establish a new Digital Service bringing together the management of all online and ICT services into a single body, and to appoint a Director of the Parliamentary Digital Service who will develop and improve Parliament’s digital services for Members, staff and the public.

Mark Egan, Digital Service Preparation Team Leader, said:

“Parliament affects everyone’s lives but it can appear inaccessible and hard to engage with. We must provide information and digital services in ways which suit the needs of all our users – including members of Parliament and the public. Our online services are already improving, but we need to do much more, simply to keep pace with modern technology. We are looking for someone to head up the new Digital Service who understands how to meet this challenge and can deliver. At the same time, the Digital Service must continue to provide the IT equipment, infrastructure and support services essential to a modern Parliament.”

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