5 things you need to know about the techUK manifesto

techUK has published its manifesto titled ‘Securing our Digital Future: the techUK manifesto for growth and jobs 2015-2020′ where it urges politicians and policy-makers to recognise the critical significance of the global digital revolution.

Here is our pick of the five most important recommendations in the manifesto. For more on the launch event of the manifesto click here.



1. Develop a single strategy and provide strong leadership to mobilise and coordinate delivery across the public and private sector. This includes ensuring continued Cabinet-level leadership for digital to develop and execute a single strategy for public sector reform, the digital economy and digital inclusion.


2. Address immediate skills shortages and build the tech talent pipeline for tomorrow – this means making the UK a global hub for talent by implementing a smart migration policy. At the launch event, Lord Clement-Jones emphasised that the UK often lacks the right talent, for which reason the post study work visa for graduate students should not have been clamped down on, and immigration rules need to be relaxed.


3. Initiate a major programme to push the boundaries on the development and use of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is the future – some have even said its impact could be comparable to the first wave of the digital revolution and the UK should strive to be a leader in this.


4. Support the development of tech clusters across the UK, not just in London, to support and nurture local firms, talent and skills. The manifesto urges the next government to replicate the US cluster mapping exercise.


5. Up-skill local government to capitalise on digital by default is the last on our list but perhaps the most important. To mirror progress being made in central government, a body like the Government Digital Service should be established at the regional level.

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