BT Assure Threat Defence identifies and reacts to sophisticated cyber threats

BT has announced the latest addition to its BT Assure portfolio, Assure Threat Defence, which combines cutting edge event monitoring technology and professional services to help customers and security analysts better identify and react to advanced and sophisticated cyber security threats.

Specifically designed to counteract the growing threat posed by complex and targeted attacks by cyber criminals, the new service automatically monitors network traffic and downloads. It enables users to identify complex infections across the full range of customer devices – such as PCs, laptops, mobile devices, servers, and files.

Often referred to as ‘Advanced Persistent Threats’, these complex cyber-attacks are capable of bypassing traditional security monitors which usually rely on signature-based detection tools. Assure Threat Defence does not rely on signature-based detection techniques and is able to detect and prevent complex and sophisticated attacks, as well as unknown and custom malware.

Mark Hughes, president of BT Security, explained: “Cyber criminals are increasingly creating custom malware that evades common signature-based malware detection methods. They will often use tactics like e-mail spoofing and malicious web content to deploy their custom malware and establish an initial foothold in a target environment.

“Traditional security controls can’t always adequately protect against these advanced techniques. Assure Threat Defence has been designed to offer organisations world class resistance to address the constantly evolving threat landscape. It creates a secure and robust solution for customers across all sectors and of all sizes.”

Mark Hughes concludes: “With this new service wrapped into our managed security service, customers can rest assured that they have the valuable awareness and protection against advanced threats, ensuring that they are doing everything in their power to stay one step ahead of attackers.”

BT is piloting the new service in the Americas, with a worldwide launch planned for later in the year.

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