New gateway to support integrated care of 620,000 in Herts

Hertfordshire GPs have extended ties with a health-tech firm to expand real-time access to patient data from three different GP primary care systems.

Advanced Health & Care (Advanced) is working with Herts Urgent Care by connecting to Healthcare Gateway’s Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) – via Adastra, Advanced’s urgent and unscheduled patient management system.

Herts Urgent Care GPs will benefit from having immediate visibility, 24 hours a day, of patient information. The information will include medical summaries, together with up-to-date details of medication from within the organisation’s urgent care services.

Clinicians will be able to use this information to improve the care they offer to 620,000 patients in 60 GP practices across Hertfordshire.

Eleven GP practices in Hertfordshire are initially taking part in a pilot scheme lasting until March 2015 which aims to deliver approximately 240 Out-of-Hours patient consultations per week. 49 additional practices in Hertfordshire will then follow as part of a phased roll-out of the MIG.

Paul Gauld, Head of IT at Herts Urgent Care, says, “By linking together three GP systems via Adastra we can now provide the clinicians that run our services with instant access to a deeper level of patient information which wasn’t possible before.

“This access will assist them to increase efficiency and make better informed decisions to improve patient care and reduce the knock-on effect of unnecessary repeat admissions.”

Clinicians, once they have obtained the patient’s permission to view the record, will also be able to view details relating to historical surgical procedures, blood pressure examinations and test results to provide safer, more efficient care to patients.

Gauld adds, “As a result patients in Hertfordshire can be reassured that they will be dealing with clinicians who have a greater understanding of their needs to ensure they receive the best possible care experience from the outset.”


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