Free online course to provide training against cyber attacks

Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey has launched a free online training course to help members of the legal and accountancy professions develop the skills they need to protect themselves and their clients from cyber attacks.

The new course, developed by government and industry, will also enable lawyers and accountants to advise their clients. This will help UK businesses protect themselves from information breaches and other threats that could potentially cost them millions of pounds.

The course will increase awareness of common cyber risks and threats they may experience in the workplace and how to prevent and deal with them. It provides advice on how to safeguard digital information, raise awareness of cyber issues amongst clients and gives examples of how to deal with issues such as information breaches in the workplace.

Minister for the Digital Economy Ed Vaizey said:

“Members of the legal and accountancy professions deal with sensitive client information on a daily basis and can be a target for cyber-attacks.

The new course we are launching makes cyber security part of the day job for lawyers and accountants. It provides members of both professions with tailored and relevant guidance on how they can better protect themselves and their clients from cyber threats. It’s essential government and industry work together to protect UK companies from online attacks that can cause millions of pounds worth of damage.”

The course is funded by the government’s 5-year, £860 million National Cyber Security Programme to make the UK one of the safest places in the world to do business online. The programme aims to improve cyber security skills at all levels and work with associated professions to make industry more resilient to cyber-attack.

It also complements other e-learning initiatives being launched by government to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. This includes the Responsible for Information course, available online from today, by The National Archives. It provides guidance to small companies on how they can better protect their data and get to grips with the risks associated with information security.


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