Housing associations deliver digital inclusion with BT

BT Business has launched a new shared internet service which will allow housing associations to offer cost-effective internet connections and devices to their tenants.

As BT supplies the service to the housing association, they can choose the best option for each facility – whether that’s charging on a per unit basis or making wi-fi available in communal areas, in the case of care homes.

As a result, tenants will gain easy access to the internet, without having to worry about things like credit checks and many housing associations will include installation costs in their pricing.

Graham Sutherland, CEO at BT Business, said: “There are currently 6.4 million adults in the UK that have never used the internet, with 4.1 million of those in social housing. This not only affects their employment prospects and access to education, but also how they gain access to essential services. As a result, it’s crucial that they have access to go online – and that’s why we’re working with housing associations to help ensure those on low incomes or who are unemployed, elderly or disabled have access to the internet.”

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