Locking down the cloud: how automation is boosting security

Following the UK government’s formal introduction of its ‘Cloud First’ policy for public sector IT in May 2013, IT departments at both a local and national level have become increasingly comfortable with the idea of cloud technology.

For many, though, the question of security has remained a key concern – and a blocker to progress on the cloud first agenda.

The rise of automation, one of the most disruptive and promising developments in the already promising and disruptive evolution of cloud technology, looks to be changing this, making it easier and more tempting for public sector organisations to move to the cloud.

Features such as automatic detection and patching mean that moving to the cloud ensures the highest level of security is deployed for all your applications.

Automation is not only improving cloud security, but making IT teams more efficient, freeing them from rote activities, allowing them to focus on higher value contributions and reduce the kinds of security vulnerabilities that get entered by humans, either through error or malevolence.

A new ebook from Acquia examines cloud security from an automation perspective, exploring the possibilities it offers through specific case studies of organisations who have already benefited.

The ebook provides a comprehensive guide to how automation can help raise cloud security to its highest level and is a valuable resource for anyone involved in the deployment of cloud services.

Download the full ebook below to find out more:

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