How to drive channel shift and enable transformation with My Council Services

On 3rd November between 10.30-11.15am, a free webinar is being held to help viewers learn more about My Council Services – a self-service and mobile working platform which enables remote, automated raising of service requests and payments by citizens or staff via smartphone, mobile device or web.

See how you can set up simple, customisable web forms which allow citizens to interact with you remotely via their phones or through a web browser.

Find out how My Council Services enables councils like yours to:

  • Transform key aspects of customer services into a low cost self-service operation.
  • Increase engagement with citizens by enabling them to communicate with the council through the channels which best suit them.
  • Significantly reduce service response times through automated communication back to citizens, across departments and with local partners.
  • Cut the cost of paperwork and other overheads associated with handling citizen interactions.
  • Join this webinar to see how many other UK Councils are already benefiting and saving money every week through their implementation of My Council Services.

The event will cover:

  • Introduction and background to My Council Services
  • Overview of local authorities already using the platform
  • Demonstration of app and back office capabilities

Click here to register.

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