Mike Bracken named first ever UK Chief Digital Officer of the Year

The world’s largest network of Chief Digital Officers (CDO) has named Mike Bracken, the Executive Director of Government Digital Service (GDS), as the first ever UK Chief Digital Officer of the Year.

The award ceremony followed a presentation given by Mr Bracken, “Digital by Default: Two Years On,” at the inaugural UK CDO Summit, on Wednesday 29th October 2014, at the BBC in London.

Mr Bracken worked as Director of Digital Development at Guardian News & Media before joining GDS in July 2011. Since then he has assisted in leading the digital transformation of public services and recruited a multitude of global technology experts to help modernise the governmental digital system.

GDS and Mr Bracken have been responsible for building and maintaining the consolidated GOV.UK website, which centralises all of the government online services.

O’Reilly Radar, who provides technological insight, described the GOV.UK project as “the default for how government should approach their online efforts in the 21st century.”

The Award was presented by CDO Club founder, David Mathison, who said: “Mike is an inspiration to all digital leaders tasked with transformation, regardless of sector. The work by his team at GDS provides a case study for the rest of the world on how to transform public sector services to a “digital by default” model, by building and championing a digital culture that puts the user first and delivers the best, low-cost public services possible. We therefore recognize Mike and his team with this inaugural UK CDO of the Year award.”

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