Going digital by default with Drupal

With citizens, communities and businesses increasingly expecting to engage easily with public agencies over the web, it’s important that organisations have the tools they need to support a digital by default agenda.

But what can leaders and planners do to best serve constituents and stakeholders digitally? And how can organisations go digital and deliver compelling results at an affordable cost?

One solution that public sector organisations worldwide are increasingly looking to is Drupal, an open source content management platform that exploits the connectivity of the web and can transform the way public agencies deliver information and services.

The platform can support digital activities across the board, whether it’s creating engaging web experiences, connecting constituents and stakeholders, supporting collaboration between agencies and with citizens, delivering high-quality mobile experiences or distributing government information as online services.

A new solution guide from Acquia, When Government Goes Digital with Drupal, provides a comprehensive exploration of managing government information with Drupal.

Including a range of specific use cases showing how various government organisations have already used Drupal to boost their digital activities, the guide offers a valuable insight for anyone potentially interested in doing the same.

Download the full guide below to find out more:

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