Collaborative procurement using the cloud: a public sector guide

In an era of ever-tightening public sector budgets, procurement is one area that is particularly under pressure to deliver value for money. With the new Crown Commercial Service setting the standard, government at all levels is refining – and often rethinking – the way it sources goods and services.

Technology, of course, has a major role to play to supporting this, and in recent years e-procurement software has streamlined the procurement cycle to deliver major efficiency savings on both sides of the procurement process by delivering benefits such as:

  • engagement with team members,partners and suppliers before entering into formal procurement
  • improved collaborative project communicationshelp speed up procurement
  • access to the expertise of remote team members and specialists, without the need for costly travelor meetings.

But how much do you really understand about what technology is available and the possibilities it can open up when it comes to procurement within your organisation?

A new guide from collaboration experts, Kahootz, provides a comprehensive introduction to help you start asking the right questions and finding digital answers that can transform the way you think about procurement.

Step by step, the guide shows you how to: re-evaluate your processes, from pre-procurement right through to delivery; identify technologies that can make these things happen; and then use cloud technologies, such as those available via the G-Cloud’s CloudStore, to find software that meets your criteria.

Download the full guide below to begin finding out what’s possible within your organisation:

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