Digital public services: simpler, quicker, more engaging

digital services

On 18th November between 8.30am-4.30pm an interactive event, Digital public services: simpler, quicker, more engaging will take place at Manchester Conference Centre.

Delegates will be able to pose their own problems that they’d like to see a digital solution to, which will then be considered in real-time throughout the conference by the whole audience.

The way public services are accessed needs to be simpler and more convenient, services should be delivered at times and in ways that suit the people who use them. The Government Digital Strategy is leading a transformation in how public services are provided ensuring they are more agile, more flexible and fit for the 21st Century.

More needs to be done in the public sector to reap the benefits of the digital age. The use of digital public services lags far behind the private sector. The event will inform delegates how digital technology can drive better services at lower costs.

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