IT must support success of NHS, says Hunt

Information technology must act as a “pillar” to support the future success of the NHS, commented health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt spoke at The King’s Fund annual conference in London yesterday, following the release of ‘Personalised Health and Care 2020’, as the National Information Board’s new IT strategy takes root.

The document asserts itself as a “framework for action”, seeking to unite NHS IT ambitions with national policy, as well as balancing the practice of national and local IT regarding procurement and development.

Hunt said: “Innovation is not alien to the NHS: it has had more world firsts since its creation in 1948 than any other public health service…but that scientific innovation has not been matched by process innovation.”

Hunt further said that the new proposals will help produce a “personalised, 21st century healthcare for the whole NHS”.

“We need to change the NHS from a lumberingly slow adopter of new technology to a world-class showcase of what innovation can achieve,” he claimed.

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