DSS migration to be complete by early 2015

The migration of the Digital Services Store (DSS) to the Digital Marketplace is set to finish during the first quarter of 2015, the Cabinet Office has revealed.

The services store is used to commission digital expertise and services included on the Digital Services Framework (DSF) and will soon be shifted to the recently launched Digital Marketplace that already hosts G-Cloud 5. The migration is part of wider efforts to provide a single public sector procurement tool.

The Cabinet Office will also address a number of usability issues over the next few weeks. A post on the Digital Marketplace blog said: “There are also a number of differences between what data is available and to whom on the two different stores. For example, the Digital Marketplace provides complete openness and transparency so buyers can clearly understand what’s available and how much it costs without having to create a login. The Digital Services Store restricts access so that only buyers can only see what’s available once they’ve logged in.”

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