DVLA to sponsor digital services initiative TechHub Swansea

DVLA has become a sponsor of Tech Hub Swansea, a two year programme which will see the DVLA working with local businesses, suppliers, customers and universities to design and develop digital services.

Head of Government Digital Service Mike Bracken officially launched the initiative on Friday 14th November.

Working from the TechHub offices in Swansea, the DVLA will be using the cutting edge digital skills of graduates and tech startup gurus to improve the services it provides to the public. The overall aim is to reduce the Agency’s reliance on large IT suppliers for all of our services and to reduce operating costs.

The partnership is another part of the DVLA’s strategy to develop and attract digital talent. This is a new way for a government agency to harness the skills and knowledge in the local tech community, which will assist in the provision of excellent digital services.

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