Bucks County Council in drive to boost online services

Bucks County Council has launched a new digital strategy in a bid to move more of its services online, which it says will save taxpayers millions of pounds in the long term.

It already offers a number of online services including library book renewal and applying for a school place. Its new online services, which will be designed for easy use, include reporting potholes through a mobile app, live web chat and a future My Account function.

Peter Hardy, cabinet member for finance and resources, said: “Our ambition is to make our online services so good that everyone uses them as their first choice for getting in touch with us. A great example of how we are innovating is our new ‘Report It’ web page and mobile app, which as well as allowing pothole reporting in just a few quick steps including taking and uploading a photo, will also soon offer a tracking function meaning that people can receive updates on progress with the pothole or road problem they’ve reported to us.

“At the same time as making all this digital innovation happen, we’re working together with organisations across the county to help make sure that people have both the skills and the access to be able to get online.”


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