Secure cloud: dispelling the myths

The government’s digital by default agenda has changed the way digital services are created, tested and deployed.

The Government Digital Service (GDS), which is leading this digital transformation, have been promoting a ‘Cloud First’ policy to support the growth of cloud computing within the public sector.

While suppliers run and support external hardware, government developers and operators still summon virtual services at will. Cloud services must therefore be delivered in a buy-as-you-consume model. If the marketing messages of many cloud software suppliers are to be believed, transforming an organisation by introducing secure cloud is as simple as buying a single product.

But there are fundamental challenges to every organisation in adopting cloud technology to effectively meet operational requirements: Are you clear on what secure cloud actually is? What skills and resources do you have and need to deliver secure cloud? And how do you build the plan to successfully deploy to the cloud?

A new whitepaper from CACI sets out to provide answers to these questions for anyone looking to implement digital services within their own organisation. By dispelling common myths and imparting practical advice on how to go about working with the cloud, it offers a comprehensive guide to delivering successful digital services within the public sector.

Download the full whitepaper below to find out more:

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