Staffordshire LPT Commander to hold online community meetings

East Staffordshire Police is giving residents the opportunity to engage with their Local Policing Team (LPT) Commander during online sessions as an alternative to face-to-face community meetings.

The first opportunity will be in the evening on Tuesday 25th November between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Residents will be able to engage online with Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey and Inspector Rob Neeson to raise any policing concerns they may have.

The programme will run for the next 12 months as an alternative rather than a replacement to the existing regular public consultation meetings between the police and local residents. However, the new scheme will provide a further opportunity of community engagement for those who cannot attend a meeting in person.

Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey, commented, “we are keen for residents to raise any issues they have, it’s vital that myself and my policing team are aware of concerns locally so we can continue to work hard in tackling what matters in East Staffordshire.”

I feel these online meetings are an excellent way for residents to chat with us in an informal and relaxed manner, from the comfort of their own home. Myself and Inspector Neeson will be ready to take questions during the online meeting therefore we urge you to get online and get involved.”

Instructions for the first meeting this Tuesday will be provided on social media on the Staffordshire Police Facebook page and the Local Policing Team Twitter accound @EstaffsPolice.

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