Ofsted resolves “initial concerns” over gov.uk merge

The Guardian has reported that in the minutes of the 2013 December meeting of Ofsted’s board, members questioned the merger between Ofsted’s website and the central government site gov.uk as part of the government’s digital programme.

Minutes of an Ofsted board meeting, in December 2013, record concerns of the members and detail the possible objection of a merger.

The minutes record a thread of discussion: “Ofsted is currently formally contesting the earlier decision by the Government Digital Service (GDS) not to grant the organisation an exemption from the transition of government digital content to the single gov.uk platform in 2014.”

However, when speaking of the merger earlier in November, Ofsted’s official spokesperson expressed positivity surrounding the move, “the gov.uk portal brings more than 300 public services together under a single web address, making it simpler, clearer and easier for users to find the information they need.”

Formalisation of the move, with the closedown of Ofsted’s official website, is expected by the end of the year, with all of the online content held by the education inspector to be transferred to the government’s central website.

Ofsted gave a further statement last week conceding that Ofsted had “initial concerns related to the control over content published to the site” but added that the issue had been resolved.

The statement added: “Having sought assurances that Ofsted would retain control over the content published on the site, including all our published reports, we were satisfied that a move to gov.uk would in no way compromise our independence.”

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