Cloud collaboration: complex procurement made simple

While the procurement cycle looks simple on the face of it, the reality can be very different. If your procurement process is particularly complex, you face the challenge of managing many-to-many communications and team working activities.

The only effective way to make these relationships work is to provide all parties with access to a definitive source of information. It must be secure, it must ensure that contributions are seen only by authorised parties, and it must connect the right teams and stakeholders at each stage of the procurement process. Above all, it must be scalable – so you are free to involve more than just the ‘famous few’ staff members and suppliers.

The best way to do these things is to use cloud collaboration as an integral part of the procurement cycle. In this way stakeholders can collaborate from any place, at any time, using any device. Collaborating using the cloud means you can unite any person or team – simply and flexibly – as and when needed.

A new guide from Kahootz provides a comprehensive introduction to using cloud collaboration to improve public sector procurement processes.

It explores the current procurement landscape, explains how to re-evaluate your own processes and introduces tools that can extend the possibilities of procurement within your organisation, helping you to create and strengthen a ‘virtual cycle of procurement’ and reduce procurement costs.

Download the full guide below to find out more:

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