Digital services can be brought to every citizen: report

On 25th November, the digital government review team and advisory board published a new report, ‘Making digital work for everyone’. This is an independent review to the Labour Party that was commissioned by Chi Onwurah MP – the Labour Shadow Minister for Digital Government, Cybersecurity and Social Enterprise.

The report sets out how trust can be earned and deserved and how digital services can be brought to every citizen. But it’s also a clear vision for something larger: a progressive, democratic version of what digital inclusion should be.

The report says that digital transformation provides the opportunity to build a new type of government: one that is more accountable and responsive to people’s needs; and that can deliver services in a more cost-effective way, a way that simplifies and automates many processes.

The review explores:

  • Ways in which technology can empower citizens in their relationship with government
  • People’s awareness, experience, concerns and expectations of how the public and private sector stores and uses information regarding themselves
  • Emerging data and information usage models, particularly in the areas of value creation, consent, trust and privacy
  • Characteristics of the technology requirements of the public and private sector, including how and where those requirements may vary between sectors
  • Differing digital delivery and procurement models and how they are used in both the private and public sector
  • Ways in which digital services can improve quality, reduce costs and support the evolution of public services
  • Technology enablers that can support rapid and cost-effective deployment or change to public services

Download the full report below.


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