NaCTSO moves to

As part of the government’s digital programme to centralise government websites to the central site, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) website has now moved to, following the DVLA and Ofsted amongst others.

The government said there would be a transition phase with the existing website continuing for a short time. But said that any users would automatically be redirected to the new domain once the old website is fully closed as to minimise the changeover for users.

The NaCTSO website URL will change to where most of the existing content and archive of documents have been transferred. One notable exception will be the Crowded Places Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool  (VSAT) tool which the government decided not to retain at present.

VSAT was developed by NaCTSO in conjunction with UK business to help give a self-assessment for business owners and those operating or responsible for crowded public place, to determine the security risks and any vulnerabilities to possible attacks.

The government announced that VSAT is to be absent from the site as NaCTSO works on developing a new model as they feel it is “coming to the end of its useful purpose and needs to be refreshed”.

The government has asked any members of the public with further questions to contact via email to

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