The cloud: puff or panacea?

With the cloud market fast-evolving, expert opinion is divided on what the future of cloud services will look like. This isn’t always helpful when you need to make decisions today on which way to go and balance security with cost-efficiency.

Cutting through the hype can be difficult, but a new report from Atos, in partnership with Ovum, sets out to get the low-down on cloud from the IT professional’s perspective.

The unbiased research asks about the most important factors in making cloud a success to deliver the uncensored opinion of those working with cloud at the front line.

The resulting insights, from 300 senior IT decision makers within medium- to large-scale enterprises, harness the benefit of real-world experiences to illuminate the highs and lows of working with the cloud, providing a valuable resource for IT professionals in the public sector.

Ovum’s report reveals that while cloud is now integral to the IT landscape, opting for an inflexible configuration or limited migration support could compromise benefits longer term.

The research probes into what vendors can improve on and what to look for in your cloud partner, asking IT professionals about what’s needed internally to make cloud a success.

By alerting you to what enterprises are already discovering on their journey to the cloud, the research provides important pointers for any public sector IT decision maker looking to learn from the private sector’s right ways and wrong-turns.

Download the full report below to find out more:

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