Autumn Statement: public services to be outsourced and digitised

New plans set out by the government to find up to £20bn of efficiency-saving by the end of the decade will mean a total upheaval of public services in Britain.

The plan is outlined in a document released alongside the Autumn Statement by the Treasury and the Cabinet Office, which also reveals how the government intends to use technological advances to save money.

Ministers have plans to outsource many services currently provided by the public sector; some will be contracted out to companies such as Serco and G4S, while others will become new mutual companies run by their employees.

Government department will largely shrink in size as a result, with many backroom functions, such as IT, HR and legal support being merged and potentially outsourced. The report said: “As budgetary pressures continue to bear down on departments, the Government will need to look objectively at whether it is best placed to deliver public services in house.”

Additionally, Mr Maude hopes that “nine out of 10 of the online public” use digital public services by 2020.

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