Digidentity works with government to provide British ‘Virtual ID’

After 2 years of intensive collaboration with the British government, the Dutch company Digidentity is now available to provide a digital identity for British citizens. The British public is now able to interact with the government online in a secure and simple way, while ensuring and maintaining the privacy of the user.

Digidentity also provides the Dutch government’s virtual ID ‘DigiD’ and is a member and contributor to various international identity schemes. Online identification provides a more secure access to online services. Because of the lack of a national database such as they have in The Netherlands, the verification of the identity of users in the UK is based on a combination of evidence, like a passport and driving licence. In the near future other means of evidence will be added, such as a utility bill and insurance policy.

Marcel Wendt, founder and CTO of Digidentity said: “Protecting our digital identity enables us to create a safer virtual world; if we can trust our online transactions, we would be able to appreciate the digital world more.”

Walter van Benthem, general manager of Digidentity: “We believe users will have higher expectations regarding ease of use, that is why the Virtual ID service by Digidentity will be continuously improved based on the newest technologies, such as mobile apps and biometrics.”

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