Socitm launches new local authority website management survey

Socitm has launched a new survey designed to encourage data sharing of how websites in local authorities are governed and managed, which it believes may address the issue of how management strategies differ from website to website based on a number of factors.

These include whether digital services are operated in-house or outsourced; whether open source or proprietary software for content management and transactions; vastly varying budgets and different management systems.

Socitm has been tracking variation in the performance of websites since 1999 with its annual Better connected “mystery shopping” survey. Since 2004 it has been tracking visitor numbers, satisfaction and visit success, or not in some cases, with its Website performance service.

However, this new survey represents the first time that Socitm has tried to collect a comprehensive data set of website governance and management.

Socitm is inviting all of its UK local authority contacts to participate, with the manager of each council’s corporate web estate in asked to complete the survey. The survey operates on a data sharing principle, as each participant will be able to view data from other organisations in the survey.

The findings of the survey are set to be published in Soctim’s Better Connected 2015 in March 2015.

Martin Greenwood, programme manager for Socitm Insight, the subscription service that is funding the survey, said that the survey may not return surprising data but added “we are looking forward to having real evidence about the variety of approaches to governance, management and spending on council websites, and to be able to cross reference this with evidence on performance from our other work”.

The survey can be accessed from:

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