D5 alliance meets to discuss cloud, connectivity and coding

On the 9th-10th December, an alliance of countries looking to strengthen the global digital economy, came together in London. The two-day summit, hosted by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, hopes the alliance will strengthen public and private sector links between member countries in the digital economy.

The D5 alliance discussed the impact of cloud computing on businesses, internet connectivity, coding for young people and other issues.

The founding members include the UK, South Korea, Estonia, Israel and New Zealand, although there are plans to include the alliance.

Erwan Kernevez, digital solutions director at Neopost, a provider of mailing software, said: “It’s promising that the UK government is taking the lead and starting to demonstrate to businesses and other governments the benefits of digital processes.”

“Indeed, despite cloud and digital technology lifting geographical boundaries that once limited organisations, many have still not extended it to their own services. Whether it be invoicing or document management, too many businesses are continuing to use paper-heavy and cumbersome methods that are becoming redundant in this increasingly digital world.”

“Such alliances can only emphasise the prominent role digital technology is now playing in everyone’s lives and it’s vital that companies start to follow the government’s footsteps and prepare themselves for the future.”

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