connect2 online Community Lets System launches for East Dunbartonshire Council

Lorensbergs has announced the launch of a new booking facility for East Dunbartonshire Council customers, to support the online reservation of community resources in schools, community centres, halls and enterprise centres.

The connect2 solution enables customers to create, manage and pay for their own bookings and lets for rooms and venues through the Council’s website at It offers a better customer experience in keeping with the Council’s commitment to improving services to its customers.

The system sets a new precedent for what can be achieved online by local authority customers in the UK. Lets management can be a complex undertaking for Council staff, with a large number of different sites, facilities and accounts to coordinate. With the new Online Community Lets system, customers will be empowered to choose their own venues and dates, for example as part of managing clubs, societies or sports leagues. The system offers visual information on the facilities available, with easy to use calendars and the ability to create and manage booking series. Customers will be able to make payment upfront for their bookings or opt for invoiced payments at monthly intervals to help spread the cost. The self-service booking aspects of the system will help Council staff gain efficiencies, with the automated invoicing functionality further alleviating time intensive administration work.

Council Leader Rhondda Geekie said: “We are committed to continually improving the services we deliver and our customers’ experience; identifying how we can improve our processes and systems and make them more cost effective. That’s really important given that we have to make significant budget savings in the next few years. Making savings in our back room processes gives us more scope to protect our frontline services.”

Anna Crilly, Managing Director of Lorensbergs said: “The scope of this project has broken new ground in what online booking systems can achieve. The self-service and invoicing workflow aspects of connect2 have both been key to bringing customer service improvements to the Council’s Community Lets. By working in close partnership, we have also been able to deploy the connect2 solution in a way that provides efficiencies and savings to the Council.”


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