Eduserv poll reveals IT concerns amongst local authorities

A recent poll by Eduserv, that provides IT and cloud services to the public sector, has suggested that there are concerns amongst senior local authority officials in the progress of digital services.

The survey had 108 respondents from the leading decision makers in the delivery of public digital services; 77% of those surveyed said that insufficient IT investment is impacting on their ability to do their jobs effectively.

Over three-quarters of those surveyed believe that IT and technological implementation will improve digital services, with just under half feeling that the focus of IT should not be on cost cutting.

Despite this the survey found that around a quarter of local authorities have “no strategic plan” for digital implementation; in addition, a third of respondents suggested that IT is not included in the early planning phases of service delivery.

According to Andrew Hawkins, Local Government Director at Eduserv: “Councils appear to be playing catch-up in delivering services that meet the expectations of digital users.

Whilst it is disappointing that so many council’s feel their current services are being undermined by a lack of investment in IT, it’s encouraging that they recognise this and want to use IT to improve future service delivery.

While in many cases moving services online or to the cloud can have financial benefits for the organisation its important this isn’t the key driver – the main priority should be on improving services for residents.

Most councils seem to recognise this and now is the time for council leaders to deploy greater resources for an effective strategy to deliver the changes needed.”

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