Cardiff buses to gain free 4G Wi-Fi

Cardiff City Council has said that over 220 vehicles serviced by Cardiff Bus and Easy Way Travel will soon provide free 4G Wi-Fi access for all passengers as part of the Super Connected Cardiff Programme.

The council has been working with the central government department for Culture, Media and Sport to implement a greater digital infrastructure for the city.

The rollout of the service is expected to take place in stages with full availability within two months.

The installation of the new 4G network began this week with the contract for the project between the council and Swedish technology company Icomera which has been overseeing projects providing internet services to public transport vehicles since 2001.

The Cardiff City Council leader, Councillor Phil Bale, said “The Council is committed to making public transport a more viable and attractive option and this latest development will complement this policy, by making travel by bus a more enjoyable experience.”

Gareth Stevens, business development manager for Cardiff Bus, said: “Given today’s digital and fast-paced society, installing free to use wi-fi on our buses was a natural progression for us.”

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