Fujitsu releases Digital Inside Out report

Fujitsu has published its ‘Digital Inside Out’ report to research the UK public attitude to the state of digital services and the extent to which they use digital technologies on a day-to-day basis.

The researchers spoke to business leaders, employees and consumers across a variety of sectors which implement digital services.

The survey revealed that around a fifth of those questioned would vote for a political party based upon their digital policies at an election, and over half feel that central government need to do more to prepare the UK for a digital future.

A fifth of UK consumers saying that they always pick the “digital-first” option where available such as using online banking, online shopping or tax renewals.

Fujitsu UK and Ireland chief executive Michael Keegan said: “We are speeding towards a digital-first Britain. From click and collect through to renewing our road tax online, the wealth of digital services available has driven great behavioural change in the UK.”

The research found that 84% of people use digital solutions “always” or “sometimes” when they are offered; two thirds stated that digital alternatives speed up processes and 62% feel that digital provides a simplified service compared to traditional methods.

“The UK’s digital future is, in some ways, just beginning. For it to continue at this pace, organisations have a responsibility to continue creating digital services that simplify the customer experience,” added Keegan.

However, 12% say that they never use digital services with the main reasoning is a preference for human interaction but that security of digital systems is also a concern.

On the issue of wholly digital services, Keegan said, “there is little evidence to suggest that the UK will become a digital-only nation; instead, citizens have shown a desire for access to a wealth of services, across all channels, enabling them to make their own decisions on the digital services they adopt and when they chose to do so.”

Neil Crockett, chief executive at digital data firm Digital Catapult warned that more focus is required on digital education, as 40% of UK citizens feel current digital education is inadequate: “education is essential. For Britain to become truly ‘digital by default’, organisations from the Government to private organisation bodies, must work together to ensure digital inclusion is a reality for all“.


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