Digital government and public sector services: priorities and next steps

On Thursday 25th June, a seminar will take place in London, ‘Digital government and public sector services: priorities and next steps.’

Bringing together policymakers with a range of key stakeholders including government departments, IT providers, legal experts, consumer representatives and academics, this seminar will be a timely opportunity to assess the development and future potential of digital government in the UK.

Delegates will discuss the way forward for improving and extending digital services for citizens, and for developing their efficiency and potential cost saving for government itself. The agenda will also examine priorities for helping all citizens that need them to develop digital skills so that they can take advantage of services, examples of best practice in delivering services and assess how to improve how Government procures and implements IT systems, as well as issues of data protection and harnessing the potential positive impact of better government services on the wider economy.

Speakers will include Tom Loosemore, Deputy Director, Government Digital Service and Michael Wignall, National Technology Officer, Microsoft, and Peter Middleton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cloudline.

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