40% of testers currently unable to use Verify

Gov.uk has provided an update on its initial testing phase for its Verify service, which is being designed to provide an online identification service for all of the UK government’s digital services.

The trial testing is piloting the verification scheme for HMRC’s online tax returns and is predicted to be fully implemented by 2016.

However, at present, only 60% of testers have been able to verify their identity online to access the services.

In an update on the gov.uk blog, the Government Digital Service said that the trial “has been going well. So far 3,700 people have successfully verified their identity using GOV.UK Verify as part of the trial.

About 60 per cent of visits by people attempting to verify their identity using GOV.UK Verify have been successful.”

In the early phases of the trial, only 42% were able to successfully verify their identification online, but the government will be aiming to improve a less than two-thirds success rate of the service during testing.

“We’ve been making improvements based on feedback and data throughout the trial so far,” said the GDS blog post.

The deadline for online tax returns is 31st January, the trial for Verify was scheduled to end on the 24th January as the traffic is expected to dramatically increase with people leaving their tax services until the last week before the deadline.

However, the government has decided to extend the trial until the 27th January so that more customers have the opportunity to use the new service.

The GDS have said that anyone who has registered prior to the trial deadline will still be able to use Verify up to the January 31st deadline as it anticipates some tasks to take several days to complete.

Verify is set to open for a further trial period in mid-February for self-assessment services.

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