Wulvern Housing helps customers reduce arrears with 1st Touch

Mobile workforce software from 1st Touch has enabled Wulvern Housing to reduce rent arrears by helping customers overcome the challenges of Welfare Reform.

Wulvern provides affordable homes and services across Cheshire and into Staffordshire. Wulvern’s new approach was to re-organise its service into patch sizes of 250 homes, each with a Neighbourhood Officer, so that they got to know all the residents in that area. This would allow the officers to sit down with the customers and to identify how best they could help. To do this, Wulvern needed to equip their team with a mobile solution that gave them access to all the forms and data they needed when visiting their customers.

With 1st Touch in place, Wulvern’s Neighbourhood officers have all the information they need at their fingertips. Amongst the information they are able to access and update is rent account history, payments history and arrears activity. They can also take payments and capture data to set up or amend direct debits. All of this can be updated back to Wulvern’s back office Aareon QL housing system. In addition, Neighbourhood Officers can now also draw up individual financial plans electronically whilst visiting residents.

Sasha Deepwell Deputy Chief Executive of Wulvern Housing said: “Mobile technology at Wulvern is part of a much bigger picture as it’s a part of our social, financial and digital inclusion strategy which is designed to enable our customers to prosper.

“By using 1st Touch, our officers have up-to-date ‘live’ information whilst visiting customers. As a result, 1st Touch has played a significant part in enabling our customers to prosper by allowing us to get to them before Welfare Reform became a problem. This has not only helped us to improve our performance in relation to arrears but it has also improved our customer satisfaction levels too.”



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